Well, I'd like to say "it's alive at last!" but in reality McAf.ee was born in a REALLY short time - less than a couple of months from the first inkling of an idea to full production release. Originally the idea came from our French PR Team 3DCommunication.fr (Alexis Noal and others), and then to our Corporates Communication guy who some of you may have delt with - Joris Evers. From there, who else but to one of my team, Ryan Permeh who though he usually specializes in breaking products, seems equally able to put one together in short order.


So, here we are today with a viral launch, a functional site, and a public beta starting. Only two months or so since the idea came about...


In advance, welcome and thank you to everyone who contributes here - we're looking forward to hearing what you think, and of course, making short url's a little safer for everyone.