Aug 11, 2017


I am sharing important information on a recent topic, creating a DETECH ISO. The DETECH is used to obtain data (files) from your drive that is not booting properly and contains MDE.


Problem: Techs have been challenged on the creation of the DETECH recovery media.


Solution #1: Use the EZPE32 or EZPE64


Solution #2: Is a tricky one and the reason for this log post.

Explanation: The conversation here is around the word distribution. Microsoft does not want their WINPE to be distributed without a EULA exception. That is all the small print that protects them and keeps their software from being posted to the internet (public facing) further. As your pondering why this is a good or bad thing, the fact remains that without a EULA exclusion to distribute, it can't be done. This encapsulates the notion that support can make it for you too. Conveying information is important so that there is an understanding. I would love to share the finished images with you but I cannot and will not provide them.


Editorial: I created two utilities for the sole purpose of getting the ISO created, listed above, and make the creation process more obtainable. It has been widely downloaded and the feedback has been very good. The creation of this tool was an idea conceived and built for you. But still there are those who will not or cannot take the time to read the instructions or look at the pictures. I am certainly guilty of that but I am one individual and do not work in product support. Occasionally my time allows me to help someone directly to resolve tool related issues. If you need assistance call support. If for any reason you are not satisfied, escalate your support ticket. If you have ideas on how the tool can get better PLEASE write me and share your thoughts. I read and answer every single email that I receive. If I add your suggestion, idea or proposed concept I will give you honorable mention.


If you have an opinion on the ISO topic, list it below as a comment and keep it professional. If you use any tool or topic that works for you, comment at the bottom of the community listing and let everyone know. Keep well!


See you in the classroom.