Version 7



    What should I do if I need to return/refund money to McAfee?


    You can use our Refund Services anytime you encounter any of the following situations:

    • Duplicate Payment(s)
    • Rebate(s)
    • Discount(s)
    • Overpayment(s)
    • Wrong Payment(s)
    • Debit Balance(s)
    • Returned Material(s)
    • Other


         Refund Options

    1. Send a credit memo. (Only use if more future invoices will be paid to your company

    2. If you would like to send a check, please contact invoiceinquiry@mcafee.com



    How do I inform McAfee if there is a change in my supplier record information?


    Please e-mail McAfeePurchasinginquiries@mcafee.com



    How do I contact McAfee if I have a query on a PO?


    Please e-mail McAfeePurchasinginquiries@mcafee.com



    How do I contact McAfee if I have a goods delivery issue?


    Contact your McAfee requestor on the PO.



    How do I bill McAfee?


    Suppliers should submit invoices to the McAfee bill to name and address on PO. Some regions accept emailed PDF invoices, which is the preferred method and also speed up processing and payment times.



    What if my invoice is rejected?

    You should have received an invoice rejection notification either through email or mail. The notification explains what the reason for rejection. Once you have rectified the invoice, please resubmit the invoice to McAfee Accounts Payable.



    When will my payment be processed?

    The payment is released by McAfee once the agreed payment terms are reached. Please consider that payment terms started from the date a valid invoice is received at McAfee.



    Why have I not received my payment even though my invoice is due?

    All invoices are subject to certain validations before being approved for payment. You may contact AP via e-mail invoiceinquiry@mcafee.com for more information.



    How can I request a proof of payment?

    Remittance advice and payments are sent electronically to your company’s bank.  Coordinate with your banking institution on how to receive notification and remittance advice from them.



    How do I ensure electronic payments issued to my company are securely and timely delivered?


    Please ensure you keep McAfee informed promptly when you have bank information updates by e-mailing McAfeePurchasinginquiries@mcafee.com Failure to update your bank information in McAfee’s database will result in your payment being rejected and a delay in you receiving payment.


    Note: If you are uncertain what your current bank information is in McAfee’s database, please contact McAfeePurchasinginquiries@mcafee.com