Invoicing and Payment

Version 7


    Invoice Submission:


    Suppliers should submit invoices to the McAfee bill to name and address listed on the PO. Most regions accept emailed PDF invoices, which is the preferred method and also speed up processing and payment times. If a country is eligible to receive e-mail PDF invoices the e-mail address will also be listed on the PO.


    Email AddressRegion
    NA_Invoices@mcafee.comNorth America

    Payment Terms Explanation


    Payment term always follows the term contracted or reflected on the Purchase Order (PO), otherwise our defaulted payment term will be Net 60 days. Payment terms are calculated from the date a valid invoice is received  at McAfee. This follows our Purchase Order and contract language. Please promptly submit your invoices to start the McAfee payment term calculation.



    Preferred Payment Methods


    McAfee’s preferred form of payment is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). With EFT, payments can be electronically deposited directly into your company’s designated bank account through ACH (Automated Clearing House). To enroll in this form of payment, please complete the Supplier Information Form (SIF).


    Bank Account Information Updates

    Please ensure you keep McAfee informed promptly when you have bank information updates by submitting the request to Purchasing Service Desk via e-mail Failure to update your bank information in McAfee’s database will result in your payment being rejected and a delay in you receiving payment.



    Bank Charges


    • Definition - Bank processing fees charged by the bank to their customer in lieu of the services provided, such as wire transfer fees


    • McAfee standard payment practice, bank charges will be shared between McAfee & their vendors.


    • McAfee will absorb payer bank’s charges while vendors need to absorb their intermediary & payee/beneficiary bank’s charges. And will not bill back to McAfee


    • Bank charges amount vary, depending on the payment method and respective payee banks.