FAQ: ePolicy Orchestrator SQL Exchange

Version 3

    Hello and welcome to the SQL Exchange. This forum was created so that those who would like to share queries for ePO have a centralize location to do so. SQL queries have the potential to cause loss of data (information) and potentially the applications ability to operate properly. If this intimidates you, it should. This forum was "intended" to educate those who are not dare devils but those who really want to understand how it can work to assist them with ePolicy Orchestrator. There are some very talented people who work with SQL but are not certified DB administrators. As such this forum has the potential to share some very meaningful solutions.


    Warning and Disclaimer

    SQL is a serious application that will contain very important information. You are the one at the helm and if you use any sql query on this community, or McAfee KB article, it is your responsibility to understand what it does and the effect or cause it will have on your database.


    Q001 - Can I only obtain information using a .sql query?

    A001 - You can obtain information using a query where its purpose is to reveal information. You can also delete\remove information from the database. You may use notepad to examine how they are written. Use of terms such as DELETE, as an example, will remove information.


    Q002 - If I am not sure how to use queries, can I ask those question here?

    A002 - Our focus here is the ePO database. If you are looking to do something specifically, others may answer you or even provide some suggestions through examples. All queries should be used "AS IS" and be your ultimate responsibility to validate in a test environment, not production! Queries will be validated by the moderator on a best effort basis. Any queries that compromise support or an ePO application will be removed at the discretion of the moderator.


    Q003 - Can I call support if I run a query and it does not work or does but causes an issue?

    A004 - No. The support team is used to help correct issues as they arrive by the ePO application. If you cause the issue, you own it. Microsoft is your best bet for SQL training or obtaining good books to further your understanding. If official KB articles from McAfee contain .sql queries, read all documentation and understand the ramifications. Your DBA can better assist you for any McAfee KB that contains a .sql query.