EPO: Empty the EPO SNAPSHOT Table

Version 5


    1 = Obtains data from SQL. No changes to the database are performed.

    2 = Data will be modified (Backup your database)

    3 = Data will be deleted\removed (Backup your database)


    Query Rating: 3 - Data will be deleted\removed (Backup your database)



    There is a query for duplicate systems but not for duplicate IP addresses. Here is a another query that will provide system name, OS Version, Tree location, Tags and the actual table row number that the system is listed in.



    Post any suggestions or modification as they are always appreciated.



    1. Double-Click the .sql query on the db server with Management Studio (MS).
    2. Enter your credentials and select the ePO database from the upper left corner of the MS.
    3. Click Execute.



    This query should be used on test or development systems. Using in production will be used at your own risk.