Announcing the availability of File & Removable Media Protection 5.0.2

Version 1

    Dear customers,


    FRP 5.0.2 is available now. FRP 5.0.2 is a feature pack release that includes product enhancements in addition to a significant number of defect fixes.

    For a list of important defect fixes, please refer to the Release Notes.


    File & Removable Media Protection is available as part of the following Data Protection suites:


    New Enhancements in this Release:

    Enhancements to padlock icon display functionality

    What?: Ability to selectively exempt applications from displaying padlock icons in addition to being able to control display of padlock icons in entirety (switch it ON or OFF)

    Benefit?: Allows administrators to exempt specific applications for which icons cannot be rendered effectively due to the nature of the applications in use and communication with FRP’s icon display module


    Supportability improvements: Pagefile encryption

    What?: Contextual as well as a policy-based mechanism to control pagefile encryption. In terms of context, FRP can take into consideration whether disk(s) is/are encrypted with McAfee Drive Encryption or Microsoft BitLocker. For information regarding the policy control mechanism, see KB83461

    Benefit?: Accommodates easier memory dump collection for debugging purposes


    Support for Windows 10 Anniversary update/ Device Guard

    What?: Extends McAfee ePO managed File and Removable Media Protection capabilities to endpoints running Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

    If you are upgrading from a previous version of Windows with FRP installed, please refer to KB87550 for appropriate instructions.

    For further information about support for Windows 10 Device Guard with FRP, please refer to KB86009.

    IMPORTANT: Running FRP in FIPS mode on a Windows 10 system with Device Guard enabled is currently unsupported.  The boot process will fail resulting in the system going into a recovery mode (the FIPS certified drivers do not currently support Device Guard).  Support for FRP in FIPS mode with Device Guard enabled is being considered for a future release.


    MacOS Sierra 10.12 ready

    What?: Extends McAfee ePO managed File and Removable Media Protection capabilities to be ready for the expected availability of MacOS 10.12 later this month.


    Useful links:

    • File and Removable Media Protection – Supported Environments: KB81149
    • File and Removable Media Protection 5.0.2 Release Notes: PD26599
    • McAfee File and Removable Media Protection 5.0.x – FAQs: KB85876 



    The product is available for customers from the Product Downloads page with a valid grant number and from the Software Manager.


    Note: Conduit Platform 1.1 is available as an optional line item on the FRP 5.0.2 Downloads page, but is only required by customers who intend to allow users to view FRP encrypted files on mobile devices using MEA 2.0.x.