Release Highlights: Web Gateway 7.6.x

Version 2

    Hi Gurus!


    With each release new features come with it. For each release I'll try to highlight those new features. As time permits, I'll write up best practices or demos of these features. If you have a great interest in any of these please drop a comment below so I can prioritize it accordingly.


    • Classful Bandwidth Control
    • Microsoft Hyper-V Support
      • MWG can now be installed as a Hyper-V instance.
    • Audit log sent over syslog
      • The long awaited feature was added!
      • Audit log information can now be sent via syslog, it is sent using Daemon.Notice ({Facility}.{Level}). The log is sent using CEF format to allowing it to be compatible with most SIEM vendors.
    • Upload logs via SFTP/SCP/FTPS
      • Additionally to HTTP/HTTPS/FTP, logs can not be sent using other secure means.
    • Pre-Fetch results from ATD, updated support for zip files
      • MWG can now check if a file has already been scanned by ATD (outside of the built-in MWG-ATD cache). MWG also added support for an enhancement in the ATD REST API. ATD added support for zip files and will return multiple task IDs (new), MWG now supports multiple task IDs.
    • Webstart UI
      • MWG now allows for the java applet to be downloaded locally and run outside of a browser.
    • UDP for SOCKS Proxy
      • The native MWG SOCKS proxy now supports the UDPASSOCIATE command, this allows DNS traffic to be sent over the SOCKS proxy.
    • Next Hop Proxy Stickiness Attribute
      • You can now control the value which is used to determine what next hop proxy should be used. Previously MWG defaulted to using the Client.IP for determining the next hop.
    • Added monitoring for new Hardware events
      • MWG now reports on power supply events as well as a other sensors (thermal, fans, voltage).


    For a full listing of features and bug fixes, check out the release notes: 7.6.2 Release Notes, 7.6.1 Release Notes, 7.6.0 Release Notes


    Be sure to review the release process / upgrade guide as it details how you can set your watch for when to expect a release.


    See ya out there!