Help Guide: How to Log into the Intel Security Group Community

Version 1


    This document is to assist users who have previously registered in the Intel Security Group Community and reaching an error message when attempting to login.


    Before troubleshooting consider this important information

    Intel Security Community accounts

    • differ from accounts created to purchase and download products, including trials on our Consumer and Enterprise websites
    • do not grant you access to your entitlements, purchase history, etc.
    Home "My Account" Customers
    If you are a Home product customer and have lost access to your subscription account information, click here to find out how to access My Account
    Steps to Troubleshoot
    1In a new browser, visit the Intel Security Group Community https://community.mcafee.comurlbrowsers.jpg

    Click on Log in at the top right of the page


    Enter your username and password, then select the Log in button.




    Was your issue resolved?
    If your issue was not resolved, you may be entering the incorrect username and password. It is recommended that you select I forgot my password or I forgot my username
    Did you receive an email from us within 5 minutes?

    If you did not receive an email with your username or a token link to reset your password this could mean any of the following:

    • a different email address is associated with your username. Recommendation: follow Steps 1-3 and try a different email address.
    • our email to you may have landed in your spam or junk folder. Recommendation: please check those folders to confirm.
    • your community account may not exist. Recommendation: you can confirm this by following Step 1 above and selecting Register instead of Log in. Proceed to create a new account with that username and email address.

    If these steps did not work, please see below.

    Contact Us

    If you still cannot access your community account after following the steps and recommendations above, please email the Community Manger at communities at mcafee dot com (link removed to prevent spam) with the following information. Please allow up to 2 business days for the community manager to respond to you from this same email address. Be sure to check your spam folder if time to respond exceeds one business week.

    • Username, if you know it
    • First and last name
    • Specific information regarding the issue so your incident can be resolved in a timely manner (for example "When I attempt to log in with my username jsmith, I am getting an error message"
    • Please note, you must email from the address associated with your username. No information will be disclosed to you otherwise. Additionally, the community manager does not have access to any personal nor financial information associated with your My Account, including licenses, purchases, etc. If you no longer have access to this email address due to employment or account expiration, it is recommended that you create a new community account.