ProTip for Advanced Threat Defense: Prerequisites for upgrading to 3.6.0

Version 1

    When upgrading to Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) 3.6.0, there are dependent product versions for other integrated products.

    ATD 3.6.0 released recently.  As part of that release, it requires some specific versions of Network Security Platform and Web Gateway to be used for integration.  If you are not yet at the following versions, you should coordinate upgrading ATD with upgrading these products.

    McAfee Network Security Platform
    • Network Security Manager:
    • Signature set:
    • M-series Sensor software:
    • NS-series Sensor software:
    • Virtual IPS Sensor software:

    McAfee Web Gateway
    • 7.6.0
    • 7.6.1

    To read the ATD 3.6.0 Release Notes, see PD26472: