How to Guide 009 - EPO 5.3 Detecting EICAR with a Stinger Auto Response

Version 4

    Created Nov 2015

    Released Dec 1, 2015

    A big thank you goes out to one of my ePO class students Scott Elnetzke for this great idea and emails! Thanks Scott

    In this installment we show you, step by step with pictures, how to:


    • Install the latest version of Stinger Scanner into ePO 5.3.1
    • Create a query to determine systems with EICAR
    • Setup the necessary Client deployment task to deploy Stinger only to infected system with EICAR.
    • Create a Server task to tie the query results to an client task deployment.
    • Setup the Automatic Response to include aggregation of events and email response to recipients,
    • Infect client with test virus EICAR
    • Deliver and show Automatic email response.


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