How To Configure McAfee Next Generation Firewall to Integrate with McAfee ePO

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    This document will explain how to configure McAfee Next Generation Firewall so that it integrates with Mcafee ePO server.



    You can also watch the steps described in this document by viewing the video below.




    I - Configure the ePO Server to Communicate with the Firewall


    Below is an image of  the Security Management Center console (SMC), a centralized management console that manages the McAfee Next Generation Firewall. The supported version for this integration is: Next Generation Firewall software version 5.8 and ePO version 4.6 and above.

    NGFW - ePO 1.png


    Before we can get the ePO information off any computer, McAfee Agent must be isntalled on that computer. For demonstration purposes, we will be examining user Tom's computer. McAfee Agent is installed  through an ePO server.

    NGFW - ePO 2.png


    We can now configure the ePO server to communicate with the firewall. To do so, navigate to "Servers" > "Network Elements" > right click > "Create New ePO Server".

    NGFW - ePO 3.png


    Name the ePO server and give it an IP address. Enter the username and password that you use to access the ePO server.

    NGFW - ePO 4.png


    If you want to monitor the ePO server, click on the “Monitoring" then select the correct log server, enable status monitoring, and select "Ping Probing Profile". You can also create your own probing profile.

    NGFW - ePO 5.png


    Click “Yes” to initialize the connection. You will get a certificate confirmation when the connection has been established.

    NGFW - ePO 6.png

    NGFW - ePO 7.png


    You have now configured an ePO server to communicate with Next Generation Firewall.


    II - Test the the Configuration


    You can test this by going to logs. We can go back to Tom’s PC and browse a website such as “”

    NGFW - ePO 8.png


    Let's go back to the logs and right click on the IP address. Remember, the ePO server has to be aware of this IP address, and in our case, the ePO server is aware of Tom’s computer since McAfee Agent was installed on his computer earlier. When you click on the ePO information of the IP address, details like operating system, MAC address, IP address, DNS, etc. are displayed on the popup dialog.

    NGFW - ePO 9.pngNGFW - ePO 10.png


    The Next Generation Firewall is now integrated with ePO.