How Clustering Works With McAfee Next Generation FireWall

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    This Document will demonstrate how clustering works with McAfee Next Generation Firewall.



    You can also watch the steps described in this document by viewing the video below.




    I - Background Information

    In this document, we will be detailing a case in which we have a three node Active-Active Next Generation Firewall cluster. The Security Management Center (SMC) manages this cluster as a single entity. The cluster is connected to two ISP's through a multi-link technology.

    NGFW Clustering 1.pngNGFW Clustering 2.png


    In this instance, let's say that user “bsmith,” located at the main office, sends a YouTube request to the Internet. Since we have an Active-Active cluster, the return traffic will be dynamically load-balance across all the nodes.

    NGFW Clustering 3.png

    NGFW Clustering 4.png


    In the next part of the test we will bring two nodes offline. We expect to see no interruption in the video stream and there will not be any downtime in case of a node failure.

    NGFW Clustering 5.png



    II - Demonstration


    Let's replicate the scenario above in the Security Management Center (SMC). We have built the three node cluster named as “SANS Cluster” in the SMC.  We can start the logs, and once we stream a video, we should see traffic on all different nodes.

    NGFW Clustering 6.png


    We can go to a client and play a video on Youtube.

    NGFW Clustering 7.png


    If we go and view the logs in the SMC, we can see that the traffic is distributed across different nodes. We can now perform the next part of the test by bringing two nodes offline. We will play a different video this time.

    NGFW Clustering 8.png


    We can expect to see no interruption in the stream and all three nodes carrying all the traffic. Let's go back to our client.

    NGFW Clustering 9.png


    We can play a video and bring two nodes offline in the cluster.

    NGFW Clustering 10.png


    We can bring both nodes offline. Now we have only one node in the cluster which is online.

    NGFW Clustering 11.png


    Let's go back to our client and take a look at the video to see if it is buffering. We can see that the video is still buffering with no downtime.NGFW Clustering 12.png


    On the SMC logs we should see that all the traffic is going to node 3, as we took node 1 and 2 offline. We can indeed see that all the traffic is going through node 3, meaning that there is no interruption and no down time during a node failure.

    NGFW Clustering 13.png