Intel Security SNS ProTip for HIPS: Opening Ports for Both Local and Remote Services

Version 2

    Administrators often need to open certain ports in their users' firewall configuration to allow programs to function.  A common mistake is to include the same port for both the local and remote services under Transport Options when creating the rule.  When set this way, the traffic must both originate from and arrive at the specified port, which is often not the case.

    To open a port for both local and remote services, two individual firewalls rules need to be created.  This way, when either port matches, the traffic is allowed.

    See the "Configuring Firewall Policies" chapter of the McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0 Product Guide (PD22894) for more information on creating Host IPS firewall rules (McAfee KnowledgeBase - Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0 for ePO 4.5 Product Guide)

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