Intel Security SNS ProTip for MOVE: On-Demand Scan (ODS) is not working with MOVE AntiVirus (AV) Multi-Platform 3.6

Version 1

    When running the MOVE AntiVirus Multi-Platform On-Demand Scan (ODS) you may encounter scenarios where it fails to run correctly. The ODS scans may appear to have completed successfully, but when reviewing the scan ran time, you may notice it took an unexpectedly short time to complete and does not actually perform any scanning.


    This issue is resolved in the repost of the MOVE AntiVirus Multi-Platform 3.6 extension package, Repost Build (May 8, 2015) along with the related HFs for both client and Server: and These are available at the Product Downloads site (


    For more information, see KB84661 (


    For more resources, visit the ServicePortal and search for related content. Also, visit the MOVE Community at (