Intel Security SNS ProTip for Web Gateway: Switch from using older YouTube Category/Uploader rules to using the newer YouTube API v3 rules

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    McAfee support recommends that MWG administrators switch from using older YouTube Category/Uploader rules to using the newer YouTube API v3 rules.


    The older YouTube Category/Uploader and newer YouTube API v3 rules are typically used by MWG administrators who want to control user access to YouTube videos by filtering based on video category, title or description keywords, certain channel(s), specific video ID(s), etc.    If you do not use YouTube Category/Uploader rules in your MWG environment or if you have already switched to using the newer YouTube API v3 rules,  no further action is needed.


    Last year, YouTube deprecated its older API (v2) and recommended moving towards use of API v3.  Consequently, our MWG Online Rule Set library was updated to include new YouTube rules based on the YouTube API v3.  Recently, Web Gateway Support has received customer reports that existing YouTube Category/Uploader rules have stopped working because these rules depend on the older, now deprecated API v2.  To minimize impact to your users, it is suggested that MWG administrators switch to using the You Tube API v3 rules as soon as possible.


    To implement the You Tube API v3 rules, log into the McAfee Content and Cloud Security portal and download the rule set and documentation for the "YouTube API v3 Category/Uploader/DLP Filters" rules found here,  As a best practice, test and validate the rules in a test environment prior to implementing them in a production environment.  If needed, add client IP criteria to the rule set so that it only applies to a subset of users while testing.


    For more resources, visit the Content and Cloud Security Portal,, and review the Online Rule Library. Also, visit the McAfee Web Gateway Community,


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