Intel Security SNS ProTip for Host IPS: Best Practices for Initial Deployment & Tuning

Version 1

    The initial deployment of HIPS in an environment can often be a daunting task. Intel Security has a guide entitled “Adopting McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention, Best practices for quick success”. This guide will walk you through a sequence of 7 steps to pilot your HIPS deployment and make it a much easier task:

    1. Strategy and planning
    2. Preparing the environment
    3. Installation and configuration
    4. Initial tuning
    5. Optional adaptive mode
    6. Enhanced protection and advanced tuning
    7. Maintenance and expansion beyond IPS

      For more information, see PD20796 in the Intel Security Knowledge Base (

    For more resources, visit the ServicePortal and search for related content. Also, visit the McAfee Host IPS Community:

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