Intel Security SNS ProTip for MOVE:  Malware detection or scan timout event lists the UUID of the VM instead of the computer name

Version 1

    Occasionally, when MOVE AV creates an ePO event for malware detection or scan timeout, the Threat Target Host Name field in ePO will contain the universally unique identifier (UUID) of the Virtual Machine (VM) instead of the computer name. In place of the expected host name, the following threat target host format displays: 4203b3fc-bb43-ec26-e370-5471b7f519b0.

    When this issue occurs, you also see the following error is reported:

    Event ID: 34413
    Event Description: Scanner service error, unable to register with the hypervisor.

    This issue can make it difficult to troubleshoot and identify the proper system. Follow the steps for configuring and testing your SVA login information outlined in KB77543 ( ) to resolve this issue.

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