SNS ProTip  for McAfee Data Loss Prevention: Best Practices for DLP and Citrix XenApp

Version 3

    When implementing McAfee Data Loss Prevention on Citrix XenApp environment, refer to the following Knowledge Base articles for best practices and helpful tips.


    • KB83999 — How to block mapped devices using a Citrix XenApp Device Rule
      DLP Endpoint software (DLPE 9.3.x) can block Citrix devices mapped to shared desktop sessions. Floppy disk, fixed, CD, removable, and network drives can all be blocked, as well as printer and clipboard redirections. KB83999 explains how the rule works: This article is viewable only by registered ServicePortal users. You need to login to view it.
    • KB68147 — Supported Platforms, Environments, and Operating Systems for Data Loss Prevention Endpoint 9.x
      As manufacturers release new operating systems, platforms, and service packs, the original product guides might not reflect the current support policy for those platforms.


    Ensure that your Citrix XenApp version is supported by checking KB68147:


      For more resources, visit the ServicePortal and search for related content. Also, visit the Data Loss Prevention Community at

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