SNS ProTip for ePO:  ePO server setting "Max tasks per core" restricts the number of concurrent server tasks as if the system had only one core

Version 1

    When configuring the total number of simultaneous server tasks on an ePO server, the limit can be set based either on the number of CPU cores available on the ePO server or via an absolute maximum. In ePO 5.1, the "max tasks per core" option will behave as if the ePO server has only one core. For example, if the max tasks per core is set to 4 on a 4-core system, the expected result would be a total of 16 potential tasks. The actual result would be a total of 4.

    To avoid this issue, use the "Absolute maximum calculation” radio button selection instead. For more information, see KB83698 (


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