McAfee SNS ProTip for MOVE Antivirus:  How to change the console password for the MOVE Antivirus SVA appliance

Version 1

    On occasion, it may be necessary to reset the login console password for the McAfee MOVE AntiVirus SVA appliance. Perform the following seps to reset the password:


    1. Using the vSphere Client, restart the MOVE SVA appliance using ‘Restart Guest’. The MOVE Agentless SVA will then reboot.
    2. Choose the (recovery mode) option and allow the appliance to complete the boot up process.
    3. The system will boot to the recovery mode command prompt.
    4. Enter the command: passwd svaadmin and then enter the new password. When the new password has been entered correctly the prompt will show:

         passwd: password updated successfully
    5. Reboot the MOVE Agentless SVA using the following command:

         init 6
    6. Choose the normal boot kernel.
    7. Log in using the new password for the ‘svaadmin’ account.


    These steps are also available with screen captures in PD25650 (


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