Announcing the availability of File & Removable Media Protection 4.3.1

Version 1

    McAfee is happy to announce the availability of FRP version 4.3 Patch 1. This is a feature pack release comprising of defect fixes and product enhancements listed in the section below. For a list of important defect fixes, please refer to the Release Notes.


    What’s New in this release: 

    • Addition of Polish language support for FRP client

    Release Notes for this release has been localized for Polish as well

    • UI and workflow enhancements to the upgrade process for Removable Media devices

    Benefit: Increased robustness and a more intuitive process for end users using the removable media encryption functionality

    • “Advanced Debug Options” as an ePO policy for allowing certain specific features or workflows within the product to be enabled or disabled on the client

    Benefit: Allows Admins the flexibility to enable/disable specific features in line with their requirements in an easier fashion. Please refer to McAfee KnowledgeBase article KB83461 for further information


    Links related to this product release:      


    This release is now available from McAfee Downloads Webpage with a valid grant number, via ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) software manager and via the McAfee Service Portal.


    Best Regards,

    --Naveen Chakrapani