Release Announcement: McAfee Drive Encryption 7.1 Patch 2 Feature Pack

Version 1

    December 11, 2014


    Announcing the availability of McAfee Drive Encryption 7.1 Patch 2 Feature Pack.

    This release contains several important new product enhancements that are detailed in the Release Notes PD25632


    The DE 7.1 Patch 2 (7.1.2) release package contains ePO extensions only. There is no equivalent DE 7.1 Patch 2 (7.1.2) client component. The DE 7.1.2 extensions are compatible with previous DE 7.1.x clients.

    Release Highlights (Process & Quality Improvements)

    New features

    Recovery using Data Protection Self Service Portal (DPSSP)

    Users forgetting their passwords is an everyday occurrence and can be a costly overhead for many organizations. In addition to traditional Helpdesk recovery and user self-recovery using McAfee Endpoint Assistant, DE 7.1.2 now utilizes Data Protection Self Service Portal (DPSSP) as an additional recovery mechanism.

    DPSSP is self-service option enabling users to login to a web portal using a web browser and complete recovery tasks that could significantly reduce the cost of password recovery cases.

    The addition of DPSSP to DE 7.1.2 keeps parity with the recovery options currently available via McAfee Management of Native Encryption, a solution for the ePO management of Microsoft BitLocker and Mac OS X FileVault encryption solutions.

    Please refer to McAfee KnowledgeBase article KB83541 for further information about the installation, configuration and use of DPSSP with Drive Encryption.

    Drive Encryption: Out of Band Management using the ePO Web API

    The DEDeep extension available with the Drive Encryption product in conjunction with the McAfee® ePO Deep Command product uses the Intel® AMT feature to allow outofband management of Intel® AMT systems. The Drive Encryption: Out of Band Management Web API enhancement now allows the most common Out of Band Management operations for Drive Encryption to be scripted and provisioned via the ePO Web API interface.

    This release implements the scripting of the Out of Band Management emergency boot, reset user password and boot remediation images commands. It also includes sample scripts that demonstrate the API’s functionality and which can be used as examples of how to integrate the scripting of these commands into your existing workflows.

    Please refer to McAfee KnowledgeBase article KB83542 for further information and documentation for the Drive Encryption: Out of Band Management Web API commands that are now available.


    This feature pack is now available from McAfee Downloads Webpage with a valid grant number, via ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) software manager and via the McAfee Service Portal.


    Best Regards


    Stuart Bayliss

    Group Product Manager McAfee Drive Encryption (MDE)

    Management of Native Encryption (MNE)