NGFW - How to install management server license for McAfee Security Management Center (SMC)

Version 3


    The purpose of this document is to assist you on how to install the management server license for McAfee Security Management Center. Once you have received the license, proceed with the below steps to install the license in the security management center.


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    Note: The license you have received is bound to the Management Server IP address that you provided while requesting for the license.


    Installing the license

    1. After you have installed the Security Management Center, copy the management server license to desktop or a desired folder.      

        Refer to this link to get assistance on How to install Security Management Center: NGFW - How to acquire and install Security Management Center (SMC)

    2. Go to Configuration | Administration | Licenses



    3. Highlight the licenses tab


    4. Right click licenses tab and this will provide you the following options. Click install licenses




    5. Navigate to desktop or the folder that has the management license. Click Install




    6. Click on All Licenses and the license you installed would have automatically bound to the management server.

    Note: The license is bound to the management server IP address. If for some reason you decide to change the management server IP address, you will have to request for a new license that will be bound to the new desired IP address.