McAfee SNS ProTip for Web Gateway: Incorrectly Categorized URLs and How to Fix Them

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    Customers sometimes report that Web Gateway unexpectedly blocks a website because it is categorized as ‘Malicious’ and/or assigned a ‘High Risk’ reputation. Upon investigation, the results appear incorrect. A common cause to this behavior is that the website URL in question is actually “uncategorized” and Web Gateway’s behavior reflects the categorization and reputation of the website’s IP address. Below are some resources to assist in identifying and resolving this and other instances of miscategorization.

    • Best Practices: Resolving Miscategorized or Uncategorized URLs ( (McAfee Community document) - Review this document to learn more about causes and resolutions of miscategorizations. See the "Additional Information" section to find out which McAfee Web Gateway configuration settings influence categorization results and check your Web Gateway configuration to see if it uses IP address categorization/reputation results for “uncategorized” URLs.
    • KB62504 ( Web Filtering: How to address a website URL or IP address that is miscategorized or uncategorized - This article provides the steps to request that a specific website, URL, or IP address be assigned a new category. This covers issues where a URL is “uncategorized” or miscategorized.


    For more resources, visit the McAfee KnowledgeBase and search for  Web Gateway-related KBs and visit the Web Gateway Community at  Review all Web Gateway Best Practices articles found here, McAfee Web Gateway Best Practices and Common Scenarios.

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