SNS ProTip for SIEM: Most Viewed/Newest KB Articles (Aug 11-15)

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    To help you maximize your SIEM deployment, McAfee SNS ProTips deliver troubleshooting, best practices and how-to tips with links to in-depth KnowledgeBase resources.

    Most Recent SIEM KB Articles (Aug 11-15)

    • KB79863 — SIEM ESM 9.4.0 Known Issues
    • KB82516 — Supported Platforms, Environments, and OSs for ESM 9.x
    • KB82611 — You are unable to add, edit, or remove event queries containing SUM or COUNT
    • KB82564 — How to use filtering and indexing to find data in the ESM
    • KB82563 — Common causes for slow ESM performance
    • KB82562 — How to use and modify SIEM parser rules

    Five Most Viewed SIEM KB Articles (Aug 15)

    • KB75665 — FAQs for McAfee SIEM/ESM 9.x
    • KB79140 — SIEM ESM 9.3.x Resolved Issues
    • KB77812 — SIEM 9.2.x Resolved Issues
    • PD23997 — SIEM/ESM 9.1.2 Setup and Installation Guide
    • KB75734 — RAID configuration for McAfee SIEM Gen4 Appliances

    For more resources, visit the McAfee KnowledgeBase and search for SIEM-related KBs, and visit the McAfee SIEM Community.


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