SIEM Foundations: Configuring ESM Backup Settings

Version 1

    By default, the McAfee SIEM performs automatic backups of the ESM configuration every 7 days.  The default backup location resides on the ESM appliance.  It is generally best practice to schedule data and log backups in addition to configuration backups to a secondary host storage platform. This ensures that a reliable restoration can be performed in the unfortunate event of a catastrophic failure of the ESM and that the backup files do not consume precious storage on the ESM.


    To configure the ESM backup settings, follow these steps.

    1. From the ESM System Properties window, select the System Information menu option.
    2. Click Backup & Restore.  The Backup & Restore window will open.
    3. Update the backup frequency (default every 7 days).
    4. Select Backup Data for Events and Event Logs.
    5. Select the radio button for Remote Location and provide the necessary CIFS/NFS location details including the remote IP address, share name, path, and credentials (CIFS only).
    6. Confirm the ESM can communicate to the remote location using the Test Connection button.



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