SIEM Foundations: Hardware Review

Version 3

    McAfee SIEM 4th Generation appliances are built on the robust Intel server platform and bear a dark grey McAfee bezel.  Intel SIEM appliance hardware has no front-panel LCD so all configuration must be performed using an attached keyboard and monitor.


    Rear Appliance Configuration


    1. Primary Power Supply6. Management NIC 4 (eth3)
    2. Secondary Power Supply7. VGA Video
    3. Management NIC 1 (eth0) *8. RAID NIC
    4. Management NIC 2 (eth1) * 9. USB Ports
    5. Management NIC 3 (eth2)10. IPMI Management NIC


    *Note: With the ERC-1250 receiver, Management NIC 1 (eth0) and Management NIC 2 (eth1) are reversed from the other McAfee SIEM appliances.


    Front Bezel


    1. Power Button

    2. Bezel Lock


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