McAfee Employee Community Troubleshooting

Version 34

    If you selected this link or were redirected to this page, this indicates there is an error with your employee community credentials. Please see below for assistance. You may also log in with your corporate credentials and view these detailed instructions on how to troubleshoot your log in issues.


    Inside This Help Document

    • Introduction
    • Troubleshooting
    • Issues which may be impacting your access
    • Contact support


    A. Introduction

    This guide is to assist you with access to the internal employee community which requires your McAfee corporate username and password to access. Please follow these steps closely to troubleshoot. Note, if you are attempting to log into the McAfee Community, please visit this help document on how to log in.


    B. Troubleshooting

    1. Clear browser cookies and cache
    2. Exit all other programs and close your browser
    3. In a new browser, enter the employee community URL
    4. Enter your McAfee username and password and sign in
    5. Make a selection on the following page to proceed to the employee community


    C. Issues which may be impacting your access


    • Incorrect McAfee username and password entered.
    • McAfee credentials have not been created or require an update.
    • Account has been disabled due to inactivity.
    • A recent username, first or last name change was made to your account
    • You do not have permission to the community or content you are attempting to access but can log in without issue. Please contact the community or contact owner for assistance.
    • Your account was not migrated properly to McAfee credentials.


    Please proceed to the Help section below for assistance if you fall into one of the bullets above.


    D. Contact Support


    To quickly and effectively resolve your account issue, you must email the following information to

    • McAfee username (and previous Intel username if they differ)
    • Specific error message and/or screen capture of the landing page you see when you attempt to sign in
    • Browser type(s) used during the incident