Known issues in the Community

Version 6

    Are you experiencing the following known issues? See below for the community cases we're working on now. If you don't see your issue below, please start a new discussion and share the bug with us.


    SearchLimited search results while performing a query in the McAfee CommunityCLOSED: this issue appears to be resolved. We are working on this now and expect a resolution soon.
    Member PointsMember points will be restored within a few business daysCLOSED: All member points should be restored. Please start a new discussion to report otherwise. Rest assured, you will see your old points in addition to the new points you acquired since our upgrade on 7/30/14. We expect this will be resolved within a few business days.
    TimeoutSome users are being prematurely logged out of the community if they are idle for only a momentFix in place.
    FollowingAbility to view your followers and those who are following you from the left column in the Member DirectoryCLOSED: This option is now available.
    McAfee employee badgesMcAfee employee badges will be available within your profile > More > Reputation and will be restored over the next few business days.

    CLOSED. All McAfee employees have been assigned an employee badge. To confirm, visit your profile and select your points then Missions. Employee badges are enabled only by the admin. If you wish to obtain an employee badge please contact T. Allen at

    Official McAfee Employee Badge