Announcing the availability of McAfee Management of Native Encryption 2.0

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    McAfee is pleased to announce the immediate availability of McAfee Management of Native Encryption (MNE) 2.0

    MNE 2.0 allows the management of the the built-in encryption capability of Mac OS X FileVault and now adds support for Windows BitLocker via ePO.

    Management of Native Encryption is available in the following Endpoint Security Suites:

    Please refer to the following articles for suitability in your environment,

    New Features in this Release:

    • Management of Native Encryption (MNE) 2.0 adds support for Microsoft BitLocker
      • MNE 2.0 enables BitLocker management by ePO
      • Support of Trusted Platform Module (TPM), password and PIN authentication
      • Support of 256-bit binary recovery file for FIPS mode operation, 48-digit numeric recovery key for non-FIPS operation
      • Windows to Go support on Windows “Certified” devices
      • Support for reporting and full management policy options


    • New Features for OS X
      • Simplified client deployment enabling “one click installation” of both MA and MNE client
      • Single click import of a recovery key from “already encrypted” Macs with no end user or administrative burden
      • MNE 2.0 adds the ability to destroy the FileVault key if the machine goes to standby mode to increase the security of the client
      • Automated rotation of recovery keys
      • Additional user messaging


    • BYOD and Zero Day Support
      • Full management mode under ePO administrative control and enforcement. Key escrowed in ePO for administrative access
      • Reporting only mode leaves system under user’s control, allowing ePO continuous reporting oversight
      • Supports hardware that does not support absolute pointer protocols in UEFI for MDE pre-boot to operate
      • Zero day support for Windows and continued zero day support for Mac OS X


    • End User Self Service for Recovery
      • Optional Data Protection Self Service Portal (DPSSP) extending client recovery options
      • Utilizes Apples serial number or BitLocker recovery key ID to perform web browser based recovery


    • Administrative Experience
      • Simple and intuitive ON/OFF type security policy
      • Compliance reporting
      • Simple to use incident management workflows
      • Out of box dashboards and reports showing you everything you need at a glance


    • Management of Native Encryption 2.0 (MNE 2.0) is available with the addition of Korean, Chinese-Simplified and Chinese-Traditional languages.
      • ePO Extensions (MNEAdmin, DPSSP):
      • Mac OS X Client:
      • Windows Client:


    For more information:

    • McAfee Management of Native Encryption 2.0 – Supported environments KB79375
    • Support for Windows To Go KB82249
    • Known issues with MNE 2.0 KB82245


    The product is now available for customers from McAfee Product Downloads with a valid grant number.


    Best regards


    Stuart Bayliss
    Group Product Manager
    McAfee Drive Encryption (MDE)

    Management of Native Encryption (MNE)