Help Guide: Member Profiles

Version 1

    Inside this Help Guide: Member Profiles you will learn the following:



    Profile Overview


    McAfee Community profiles make it easier for you to share your expertise and find other experts in the community. It's also a fantastic way to add more personality to your profile. In addition, McAfee Community member profiles include:


    • Large banners to feature more photos
    • Member reputation and points to see how you compare to others
    • Option to endorse members based on their skills and expertise
    • Member activity and most frequented places
    • Member bios and background


    Profile Fields

    The main profile page is a complete summary of you. As you continue down the profile page, beyond the introduction information, you will notice an an opportunity to share more information about yourself as well as others. 


    • Photo: In addition to the avatar photo which accompanies your discussion posts, you can enhance your profile with bigger, better images for the community to see.
    • Connections: a compilation of who is following you and who you are following
    • Biography: a short bio about yourself helps others learn more about you
    • Skills and Expertise: if you know it, share it! It's okay to brag a little. Plus, completing this session helps add credibility to your posts. It also helps users identify experts when performing a search.
    • Recent Activity: captures updates on your activity in the community
    • Your trending content: see your content garnering the most attention in the community

    Finding & Editing Your Profile


    Update your profile with a couple of clicks. From any page, select your name in the top right corner. Within the drop down menu, select Edit Profile. If you're already on your profile, select the Actions drop down menu then Edit Profile. You can also find your profile following the same steps, but select View Profile instead of Edit Profile.


    Finding Members


    Find McAfee Community users easily by selecting User Directory located within the navigation menu.



    Following Member Content


    With thousands of members, you may want to stay connected to members who contirbute valuable answers and content to the community. Visit any member's profile and select Follow under the large banner. Specify if you would like to receive an email notification of their new activity or have this notification delivered to your inbox in the McAfee Community. You can now view any public contributions by the member, including forum posts, ideas, status updates and groups joined. You will not see contributions to any groups of which you are not a member.


    To stop following a member, repeat these steps, select the Following button and click on Stop Following.