Help Guide: Reputation and Gamification

Version 3

    Inside this Help Guide: Reputation you will learn the following:



    What is Reputation?

    Reputation is part of the gamification strategy enabled in the McAfee Community. It's a measurable way to recognize and reward users based on their activity throughout the community, including spaces, groups, projects, and your profile. McAfee Community users can earn points by performing a number of predefined missions. Missions include challenges such as reading and rating documents, performing a search, contributing a new idea, creating a group and much more.  The goal of Reputation is to motivate and reward users to engage in certain behaviors. These behaviors include actions that complement McAfee's values. From contributing a wealth of ideas that keep McAfee's products competitive to contributing to the rich repository of information inside focused groups. As you interact with the content and people in the McAfee Community, watch your points grow and your badges multiply!

    Where can I see my level, points and badges?

    Your Reputation follows you throughout the McAfee Community. You can access your points, level and a snapshot of your badges by hovering over your user name. For an expanded view of your Reputation, visit your profile and select More then Reputation from the dropdown menu.

    Where can I see the level, points and badges of a user?


    You can see a user's level, points and badges by hovering over their name. To see an expanded view of all of the user's badges visit their profile.



    How can I earn a badge?

    Badges are earned as missions are completed.  Depending on the community, there may be missions for creating of content: creating status updates, blogs, documents, ideas.  Or you may complete missions simply by viewing the correct content, commenting, liking, or other social interactions. For the full list of badges you can earn, visit your profile, select More, Reputation then Missions from the left column.

    What is 'Me in Three' and how do I add badges to it?

    Me in Three represents the badges you're most proud of or have earned thus far. It's a way for other users to see your badges when hovering over your name or viewing your profile. It is empty by default, so please take a moment to add a few badges to it (if you've earned any). Visit your profile, select More, then Reputation. From the Activity tab, expand the menu on the farthest right. Drag up to three badges into the widget. You can change these badges at any time by dragging them out and dragging the desired ones in.




    Where can I see the missions?


    Navigate to your reputation by hovering over your Community user name or go directly to your profile and select More, then Reputation. Select Missions from the left column once the page refreshes.




    Where can I see how I compare to my peers?

    There's nothing wrong with a little competition. To see how you compare to your peers, visit your Reputation in your profile and select Leaders from the left column.

    How can I see my ranking in spaces, groups and projects?


    A Reputation widget can be added to spaces, groups and projects. For spaces or communities, the widget must be enabled by the Community Manager. Group administrators can add the reputation widget to their respective group or project by editing the page and selecting Individual Leaders, Missions or Teams from the 'Other' list. If you wish to see your personal score in a space, group or project, visit your Reputation to see which badges and how many points you have within the places you follow.  You can also 'flip' the space cards to see how you earned those points.