What's New in the McAfee Community

Version 1

    If you're an avid user of the McAfee Community, you'll notice we've made quite a few changes. As part of our commitment to our customers and partners, we want to provide a platform to users offering both value and usability. The changes we made were aligned with these objectives. See below for an introduction to the enhancements we've made for you.


    Find It Fast on the New Homepage

    Our new homepage is designed to provide you with access to all the tools the community has to offer. In addition to the support forums where you can ask questions or offer your expertise to other customers, the McAfee community includes product documentation, training videos, and support blogs as provided by McAfee employees who develop and support the products you use. Furthermore, members are invited to join any of the McAfee Community groups to engage with McAfee employees and other customers on upcoming betas, provide feedback, and learn more about specific products.


    Forums Easier to Navigate

    Community spaces are categorized according to our products: consumer/home and business/enterprise. Dive a little deeper and you will discover product-focused forums where you can engage with members who have expert knowledge around that topic. Each forum focuses on helping you find answers, fast. Discussions still remain at the forefront, but we've added a section for answered questions, a quick answer widget and members who may be recognized as experts within the forum.


    Earn Points and Badges for Helping Out

    We value the expertise our members bring to the community and want to recognize these individuals for their contributions. We also want to help other members identify some of the most trusted sources of information this site has to offer. As a result, as members contribute to the community, they can earn points and in some cases, badges. As you create new questions, answer questions, share content across your social spaces, and engage around products, you'll notice your points increase and your collection of badges multiply. To view your online reputation, visit your profile and select More the Reputation. You can find more information here on this new feature.


    Get More Out of Groups

    Groups are organized, focused social circles for collaboration around a specific product or project led by McAfee team members. As a group member, you may notice a new layout, designed to surface the most important information. The sub-navigation will take you group-specific content from discussions to documents and more.


    Personalize Your Profile

    Add a bit of your personality and expertise to your profile. With a new design comes the opportunity to bring rich photos into the banner. Furthermore, the new design gives other users a quick glimpse into your expertise and membership. Take a moment to view and update your new profile.