McAfee Vulnerability Manager 7.5 Getting Started Guide

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              The Getting Started Guide will walk you through the McAfee Vulnerability Manager (MVM) 7.5 download, installation and initial setup steps required to begin working with MVM 7.5.



              This video takes you step by step through the MVM 7.5 installation and intial setup.  For reference the same steps are provided below.









    Software Download


    McAfee Vulnerability Manager 7.5 software and documentation are available on the McAfee Download site with a valid grant number.  Navigate to, enter your grant number and click Go.


    download site.PNG


    Scroll to McAfee Vulnerability Manager Software


    MVM download.PNG


    Scroll to McAfee Vulnerability Manager 7.5

    MVM download 7.5.PNG


    Click I Agree


    download agree.PNG


    Download MVMSetup75.exe



    Recommended Server Settings


    Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 has Admin Approval Mode enabled by default.  We recommend this be disabled:


      1. Local Security Policy -> Security Options


    user account control.PNG


    2. Set User Account Control: Admin Approval Mode to Disabled 


    UAC disable.PNG


    Internet Explorer Enhanced Security should be set to Off for Administrators 



    1.  Server Manager -> Configure IE ESC


    configure IE ESC.PNG


    2.  Turn Off for Administrators


    IE ESC off for admin.PNG


    It is recommended that you reboot your server at this point.





    Right click MVMSetup75.exe and Run as Administrator


    Install run as admin.PNG


    Exit all windows programs and click next through the welcome screen


    installation welcome screen.PNG


    Accept the terms of the license agreement and click next




    Installation Options select Standard and click Next:




    Choose the Database server you are connecting to and enter your credentials and click Next:


    Install DB.PNG


    Verify the Critical Dependencies are met and click Next:


    Install passed.PNG


    The installation creates a database named Faultline.  Configure the faultline database user password. 

    Note: If the password is changed after installation at any point this must also be updated in the FCM console under Preferences -> Database


    install db user pw.PNG



    The Global Administrator is capable of performing administrative tasks that you may not want to offer organizational administrators.  Set the Global Admin user password and click Next:


    install global admin password.PNG


    MVM uses organizations to manage system access.  Enter the Organization name and Administrator user password and click Next

    **Note:  Additional organizations and/or workgroups can be added using the Enterprise Manager after installation.


    install org name.PNG


    The install confirmation screen shows a summary of options chosen by the user OR for the user.  There are additional options in this screen that were not presented to the user in the standard install that may be changed if desired.  If you would like to change any of the options highlight the line item and click Modify.  When you are satisfied with the settings click Install.


    Install confirmation screen.PNG


    At the end of the installation you will be requested to reboot…click Finish to restart. 


    install reboot.PNG



    Update McAfee Vulnerability Manager (FSUpdate)


    Update MVM 7.5 to the latest content and patches using FSUpdate.


    Start -> All Programs -> Foundstone -> Update McAfee Vulnerability Manager

    FSUpdate start menu.PNG


    FSUpdate requires a username and password to download the latest content and product patches.  When purchasing the product you will receive an e-mail titled 'McAfee Vulnerability Manager Update Account Credentials'. 


    FSUpdate credential e-mail.PNG


    Enter the credentials received in the e-mail above into FSUpdate and click Check for Updates Now.  For manual updates see KB58796 for 'How to manually update Vulnerability Manager content and software'




    This will take 45 minutes or more to complete.  When complete you should see a message indicating the update was successful for each of the 6 packages listed above.


    FSUpdate was successful.PNG


    To verify the package was updated successfully go to Start -> All Programs -> Foundstone -> FCMConsole.  In the left pane click on the system name to expand.


    FCM left console.PNG


    The services should show a green arrow if running and the Running version should equal the latest update version as seen below.


    FCM running and version check.PNG


    You can now login to the Enterprise Manager:




    The Organization configured in the installtion will already be filled in.  Enter the User Name: Administrator and the Password configured in the installation.


    EM login.PNG


    The inital screen will show a blank dashboard becasue no scanning has occured.  You will notice that the installation comes with 60 day trial license that had limted functionality.  Please refer to the Licensing section below to apply your MVM license.


    EM 60 day license.PNG



    If you have already purchased an MVM license and would like to apply it click Start -> All Programs -> Foundstone -> Register McAfee Vulnerability Manager




    The Registration key that appears is the trial license hash.  Click Clear.


    License clear.PNG


    Clicking Clear will warn you that this is a trial license and clearing it will disrupt the application.  The product will not be functional until the permanent license is recieved.  This process could take 24 - 48 hours.  Click Yes if you are ready to license MVM.


    licensing warning.PNG


    Click Generate to create a new hash and then click Website:


    licensing Generate.PNG


    Fill in the registration form and click Submit Registration:

    licensing submit.PNG


    You will receive an e-mail from Mcafee with your license block:


    licensing block e-mail.PNG



    Cut and paste the unlock code from the e-mail into the Unlock Code field and click Register Now:


    licensing register now.PNG


    A confirmation will pop-up indicating the unlock code has been applied, click OK:


    licensing confirm.PNG


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