NGFW - How to acquire and install Security Management Center (SMC)

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    Purpose of this document


    The purpose of this document is to assist you on acquiring Security Management Center (SMC) demo license and software. This document also shows the Security Management Center(SMC) installation process on a Windows Operating System. After you have successfully installed Security Management Center (SMC), you will add the evaluation license to the SMC.


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    Getting Started


    Before requesting for a demo license, determine an IP address that will be assigned to SMC. You need this pre-determined IP address when yourequest for a demo license. The demo license you receive from McAfee will bebound to this IP address.


    NOTE: You will request for a new evaluation license incases where you decide to change the IP address of SMC


    System Requirements

    Basic Management System Hardware Requirements

    ü Both Physical and Virtual Machine has the belowhardware requirements

    ü For Demo or POC purposes, we assume all themanagement components will be installed on the same server

      • IntelCore family processor or higher recommended, or equivalent on a non-Intelplatform
      • Amouse or pointing device (for Management Client only)
      • SVGA(1024x768) display or higher (for Management Client only)
      • Diskspace for Management Server: 6 GB
      • Diskspace for Log Server: 50 GB
        • Recommendation: 250-300GB Total Disk spacewhen installing all components on same server
      • Memory requirements for 32-bit operatingsystems:
      • 2GB RAM for Server (3 GB minimum if all components are installed on the sameserver)
      • 1GB RAM for Management Client
        • Recommendation: 6 GB of RAM
      • Memory requirements for 64-bit operatingsystems:
      • 6GB RAM for Server (8 GB minimum if all components are installed on the sameserver)
      • 2GB RAM for Management Client
        • Recommendation: 16 GB of RAM


    Operating Systems

    ü McAfeeSecurity Management Center supports the following operating systems and versions:

      • Microsoft®Windows Server 2012™ R2 (64-bit)*
      • Microsoft®Windows Server 2008™ SP2 and R2 (32-bit and 64-bit)*
      • Microsoft®Windows 7™ SP1 (32-bit and 64-bit)*
      • Microsoft®Windows Server 2003™ SP2 (32-bit)*
      • CentOS6 (for 32-bit and 64-bit x86)**
      • RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 (for 32-bit and 64-bit x86)**
      • SUSELinux Enterprise 11 SP1 (for 32-bit and 64-bit x86)**
      • Ubuntu12.04 LTS (for 64-bit x86)**         

                       *) Only the U.S.English language version has been tested, but other locales may work as well.

                       **) 32-bit compatibilitylibraries lib and libz are needed on all Linux platforms.


    NOTE: SMC 5.7 is the last version that can be installed in 32-bit Windowsenvironments. In SMC 5.8, only SMC installations in 64-bit Windows environmentsare officially supported


    Full Installation Video


    Refer to this technical video on “How to Install Security Management Center and Connect to McAfee NGFW”. The first part (First 7 minutes) of this video demonstrates the same steps shown in this document.






    SMC License and Download


    1. Request a demo license from this link:


    NOTE: One evaluation license is generated for each product listing below. The licensing information is sent as an email to the address that you provide. By default, licenses are bound to a new Proof of License (POL) code that this form generates for the evaluation Management Server. To evaluate components on a previously installed Management Server, change the "Binding Type" to "Bind to a previously installed Management Server" for each component and enter the existing Management Server's POL code. To check the existing Management Server's POL code, view the Management Server's license in the Management Client


    2. Enter the pre determined SMC ip address while requesting for a demo license


    NOTE: The IP address will be bound to the license that you will receive.  Keep the “binding type” of rest of the products to default. if you are not installing the logserver on the same server as management server, enter the log server IP addressin the log server product. If you are installing all the SMC components on same server, keep all the binding type, including log server to default

    1 - Trial software registration.jpg



    3. Enter the email address where you would like to receive the evaluation license and a link to download SMC software


    4. Enter your contact information and click submit request

    2 - Trial software registration.jpg


    5. You will receive an email from “Stonesoft Order Services”. An evaluation license will be attached with this email. Download and save the license to your desktop


    6.  Click on the link under “2. Software Download”



    3 - email.jpg



    7. Under McAfee NGFW Downloads, click on “McAfee Security Management Center” downloads



    4 - ngfw downloads.jpg


    8. Under Platform-Specific installation packages, you can select either linux or windows package. For this document we install SMC on a windows platform

    9. Select “Download:” and click on “EU mirror or USA mirror”


    5 - platform specific download.jpg



    NOTE: If you have purchased McAfee Next Generation Firewall, you would have received a Proof of Serial (POS) number or a License Identification Number. You can use this number to download the NGFW license and download SMC software. Follow steps 10 to 11 for NGFW license and SMC software download page. If you are installing a demo version go to Step 12 to continue the install



    10. Go to the below link and enter your POS number and click on Submit


    6 - manage license.jpg



    11. On the next page, you can download your NGFW license and also go to the SMC downloads page


    7 - license download.jpg



    Security Management Center (SMC) Installation


    12.   On your physical or virtual machine Windows server, ensure that Windows Firewallis disabled prior to installing the SMC


           This can be disabled under ControlPanel | System and Security | Windows Firewall | Turn Windows Firewall On or Off


           Ensure to select “Turn offWindows Firewall”



    8 - disable firewall on windows.jpg


    13. Once the SMC is downloaded, extract the zip file

           Open the directory McAfee_SW_Installer| Windows-x64  and double click setup.exe

    9 - setupexe.jpg



    14. Click run and let it install


    10 - install.jpg



    15. Click Next


    11 - click next.jpg


    16. Select “I accept the terms of the License Agreement” and click Next


    12- i accept.jpg


    17. Select the directory to install the Management Center and click Next


    13 - select management center folder.jpg

    18. Choose the Program group to install the McAfee Management Center Icons

           Click Next


    14 - product icon.jpg


    19. ChooseTypical      

    NOTE: If you want to demo or POC the Web-Portal Server (read-only web based interface toreview policies, log and reports) choose “Custom”


    15 - typical install.jpg


    20. Ensure the IP addresses for Management Server and Log Server are correct

           Ensure “Install as a Service” is checked

           Click Next


    NOTE: Since we are installing the Management and the Log server on the same server, the IP addresses for both the fields are same. If you are installing the log server on a different server, enter the correct IP address of the log server


    16 - ensure ip addresses.jpg


    21. Enter the User Name and Password for your Super User account. You will use these credentials to login to the Security Management Center

           Click Next


    17 - super user account.jpg

    22. Confirm the IP address for the log server is correct

           Click Next


    18 - confirm ip address.jpg



    23.  Select the directory for log file storage

            Click Next

    19 - log file directory.jpg


    24.  Click Install

    20 - install.jpg


    25. Once completed, Reboot the Windows Server to complete the installation and start the services


    26. Go to Start Menu | Administrative Tools | Services

           Ensure that the McAfee NGFWLog Server and McAfee NGFW Management Server services have started


    21 - turn services on.jpg

    27. Go to Start Menu and click on Management Client


    22 - click on client.jpg


    28. Enter your Super User credentials and click “Login”


    23 - enter super user.jpg

    29. Click Continue

           If you haven’t downloaded the license from the email you received, go ahead and download the license.Save it to your desktop or any folder


    24 - click continue.jpg


    30. Browse to the and click Install


    25 - install license.jpg


    31. You have now successfully completed the basic installation of the Security Management Center (SMC)


    26 - welcome smc.jpg



        Continue to "How to connect McAfee NGFW to SMC" document to see how to add a NGFW node to SMC. The document shows how to manually configure NGFW via CLI to do an intial contact with SMC. Once the intial contact has been established with NGFW, you wil now configure all the features on NGFW through SMC