Drive Encryption v7.1 FAQ's

Version 1

    Drive Encryption v7.1 is scheduled for General Availability in Dec’2013 to all licensed customers. Drive Encryption is an integral component of the following McAfee protection suites:

    • McAfee Complete Data Protection – Advanced Suite  (CDA)
    • McAfee Complete Data Protection Suite  (CDB)
    • McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection – Business Suite  (CEB)


    Drive Encryption was previously known as “Endpoint Encryption for PCs and Macs,” AKA EEPC/EEMac. Updates on the McAfee Complete Data Protection Suites can always be found at the McAfee Endpoint Encryption Community site: .


    Here is a list of the FAQ's that have been created about some of the new exciting features in Drive Encryption v7.1:


    Endpoint Assist : DE v7.1 FAQ: Endpoint Assist


    Hardening systems against cold boot attacks : DE v7.1 FAQ: Hardening systems against cold boot attacks


    TPM AutoBoot : DE v7.1 FAQ: TPM AutoBoot


    User Directory : DE v7.1 FAQ: User Directory


    Handling large numbers of users : DE v7.1 FAQ: Handling large numbers of users


    Upgrade to v7.1 : DE v7.1 FAQ: Upgrade to v7.1


    Windows 8.1 Support : DE v7.1 FAQ: Windows 8.1


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