McAfee Management of Native Encryption

Version 2

    Let me introduce McAfee Management of Native Encryption! In it's first release it will be able to manage Apple's FileVault encryption offering on OS X. FileVault will be managed through ePO, and Administrators will be able to report on and manage company provided or BYOD devices. There are some great features in this very easy to use product.


    Initial feedback from customers I've spoken to has been incredibly positive; and feedback from the customers who have been a part of the preview program and the Controlled RTW group has also been overwhelmingly positive.


    For those customers who already have an encryption license, this product will be added to your existing SKU and you'll be able to download it from the McAfee Download Site, or via the ePO Software Manager when it becomes Generally Available at the end of October 2013.


    In order to learn all about the Management of Native Encryption, please take the time to look at these videos which have been produced. They'll show you everything you need to know.


    MNE: Introducing MNE

    URL = MNE: Introducing MNE


    MNE: Install

    URL = MNE: Install


    MNE: Policy

    URL = MNE: Policy


    MNE: Deployment

    URL = MNE: Deployment


    MNE: Deployment to a BYOD System

    URL = MNE: Deployment to a BYOD System  


    MNE: Recovery

    URL = MNE: Recovery


    MNE: Reports and Dashboards

    URL = MNE: Reports and Dashboards


    MNE: Migration from EEMac

    URL = MNE: Migration from EEMac


    MNE: Removal of MNE

    URL = MNE: Removal of MNE



    Best regards


    Anthony Merry

    Group Product Manager

    McAfee Endpoint Encryption