Endpoint Encryption Bulk Key Export Utility (EE Key Dump, EEExport)

Version 3

    I have seen many people ask if there was a way to bulk-export the EEPC keys from ePO.  While this seems counter-intuitive to many of us in security, there are a few legitimate reasons to do this.  Since the ePO team has given us a wonderful API, I was able to write this little utility to do just that.  This utility will allow you to export either all XML keys in ePO or a subset of XML keys based on a text file list of systems.  This will also dump a csv report of from the database so that it is easier to find the keys that you need.


    This is a use at your own risk tool that operates under the following assumptions:


    1. You have rights to ePO.
    2. You have rights to the SQL back-end of ePO.  You either need to run the utility as a user with rights OR have a SQL account with rights. 
    3. The system that this tool is run on has access to both the ePO server and the SQL back-end.