API Full Disk Encryption Key Exporter

Version 3

    This tool allows a user to search for systems based on the system name.  The user can then click on the system and see the encryption status of the partions on the system.  The encryption keys can then be exported for the system.



    I am open to sharing the source code if anyone would like to help improve and increase the functionality of the application.  I can be reached at the email located in the text file as well as here on the community boards.   Comments are always welcome.








    *** Allows you to provide a text file with a list of system names.  It will search for systems that are in the list.  This list of names will be broke into 25 systems per query.

    *** Once loaded you can hold down the ctrl or shift keys to select multiple systems.  It will then dump the keys for each system selected.  The key format will be as follows