Generate EEPC machine Key using Key Check value

Version 3

    This tool simplifies the process of obtaining an EEPC 6.x machine encryption key from ePO based on the Key Check value obtained from the machine using EETech.


    The tool has been invaluable in our environment as machine objects depreciate out of our ePO database shortly after they stop communicating, making it impossible for support techs to download encryption keys for those machines the normal way using the ePO interface.  This tool enables techs to simply enter the key check value for the machine they need to recover, click a button & a few minutes later, an XML file containing the required key is generated. 


    The tool works by making a webclient call to ePO to spit out all possible XML-formatted keys that correspond to the entered key check value.  From there, it simply takes the first XML key in the output and writes it to a file.


    This has saved me an enormous amount of time.  Before I made it available, support techs would send me the key check value.  Then, I would have to create a temporary machine object in ePO & associate the keys for that key check value to the object.  That method takes a very long time, and if you don't return to that screen before your ePO session expires, you have to search all over again!