Support Change: Minimum v5.x version to migrate directly to v7.0

Version 1

    Dear Customers


    With the release of McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC's version 7.0 (EEPC) we  specified the minimum versions of the product where you could directly migrate/upgrade to v7.0. They are listed in the readme/release notes and below:


    • EEPC v5.2.6 and above
    • EEPC v6.1 Patch 2 and above

    This was a decision that was made to keep the release date for v7.0 and allow the majority of our legacy install base to migrate. Since the release of v7.0 the team has performed the necessary QA activities to add support for a direct migration from previous legacy versions of EEPC directly to EEPC v7.0.
    For informational purposes, this has been now been verified with:

    • Legacy EEPC version:
      • v5.2.1
      • v5.2.2
      • v5.2.3
      • v5.2.4
      • v5.2.5
    • Operating System:
      • XP 32-bit
      • Vista 32- and 64-bit
      • Windows 7 32- and 64-bit.

    There was a known issue identified during this QA process:

    • On 64-bit OS versions, the Single Sign On (SSO) details don’t appear to be enforced on the first logon. The user’s details are captured at logon and SSO works from this point onwards.


    Customers can now migrate from EEPC v5.2.1 and above directly to EEPC v7.0. There will not be any code changes to the 5.2.x releases to address the known issue detailed above.


    There are no changes to the minimum version of EEPC v6.x required for the upgrade.


    Best regards



    Anthony Merry

    Group Product Manager

    McAfee Endpoint Encryption