EEPC v7.0 Patch 1 FAQ 

Version 2

    Dear Customers


    Following closely on the success of McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PCs/Mac version 7.0, we are very close to releasing v7.0 Patch 1. This patch provides two new features that have been requested by customers.



    What's New

    • Fast Initial Encryption

    Encrypt your systems in minutes instead of hours

            See the FAQ here: EEPC v7.0 Patch 1 FAQ - Fast Initial Encryption


    • Reactive AutoBoot

    An enhancement to the traditional AutoBoot functionality 

    See the FAQ here: EEPC v7.0 Patch 1 FAQ - Reactive AutoBoot



    EEPC v7.0 is a fast, stable and popular release with customers. This patch adds to the success of the v7.0 release. I look forward to getting it into your hands so that you can benefits from the added features.



    Best regards



    Anthony Merry

    Group Product Manager

    McAfee Endpoint Encryption