Announcing the availability of McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Files & Folders version 4.1

Version 2

    Available now, McAfee announces the release of McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Files & Folders (EEFF) version v4.1. This release contains some important enhancements in the EERM (Removable Media encryption) functionality, and also aims at significantly improving the end user experience with the product.


    New Features in this Release:

    • Removable Media Encryption : Reporting

                o Benefit: Information on “what happens when users insert removable media” in the environment; an effective feedback loop upon which Admins can base policy decisions 

    • Removable Media Encryption : Allowing end user to configure size of encrypted container
      • Benefit: Offers flexibility to end users to make decisions resulting in improved efficiencies
    • Removable Media Encryption : Enhancements in End User Feedback
      • Benefit: Improved usability, user experience
    • Removable Media Encryption : Mandatory Recovery
      • Benefit: Admins can enforce recovery options; reduces support burden
    • Configurable Password quality rules
      • Benefit: Admins can configure password requirements in line with corporate policy
    • Performance improvements : Improvements in cut/copy/delete operations of plain text files over network



    If you have EEFF 4.0.1 installed and you need to upgrade McAfee Agent, (for example if you are currently using McAfee Agent 4.5), you need to apply hotfix EEFF 4.0.1 HF820173 before upgrading McAfee Agent.

    Please refer to KB article for more details.


    Useful links:

                o Use Case doc : EEFF, Use Case doc : EERM 


    For more information:



    The product is now available for customers from McAfee Product Downloads with a valid grant number.


    Best Regards,

    Naveen Chakrapani

    Product Manager

    Endpoint Encryption for Files & Folders