ePO-API-Documentation-Builder v1.0.5

Version 6

    This is an ePO API documentation builder that returns an HTML formatted API command list and each commands detailed description.  It is tailored to your individual ePO server so there is no need to dig around for missing commands in various product documentation.  It also allows you to ignore API commands you may not have access to due to product versions installed into ePO.


    Since this was a bit of coding project to learn python, TDD, and other programming practices I will be refactoring the code and potentially releasing new versions in the future.  The interesting code resides in the UnitTests folder and Class folders if your interested. 


    If you have comments or requests regarding the tool feel free to let me know.  Since I'm doing this on the side I may not be able to keep this updated but if I get a chance I will try to keep this relevant.



    • ePO 4.6 or higher
    • Local network access to ePO
    • ePO console credentials (potentially this works with anyone with API access but I've only tested it on the admin account)
    • HTML5/CSS3  Browser for viewing the documentation.
    • Python 2.7 Interpreter.  (Python 3.0+ does not work)


    To see an example of the output simply extract the ZIP file and run ExampleOutput-1.html or ExampleOutput-1.html.  If you don't extract the ZIP all the CSS formatting will break.


    NEW For this Version:

    • Instead of crashing when core.help returns an error the program now displays "Failed" and continues on.
    • All your server information can be changed in the server.properties file.  There is no longer any need to change python code to configure your server information.
    • Code refactoring