ePO 4.6 Report - Windows Compliance Report Sample

Version 7

    Here is a report configuration that is designed to provide actionable output for windows system non-compliance.  Use this as a guide and configure your compliance queries, criteria, and filtering appropriately.  When importing the report (Go to Queries & Reports>>Report tab>>Actions>>Import)  the custom queries used to build the report will also be imported. 


    Edit the report to see the details and customize to suit your particular compliance needs.  Duplicate and adjust queries for Mac or Linux compliance if desired.  The report also includes chosen runtime criteria so you can select a group of assets from the system tree to be included in the report.  Use ePO sever task(s) to create the scheduling and delivery of different reports, all with different groups filtering at runtime, if needed.  Valid for ePO 4.6 only


    NOTE: for most accurate results, some additional filters may be required for the VSE non-compliance query if you are using products such as MOVE in your environment.


    View the attached PDF for sample output from the report.  Enjoy!