Python ePO User Mgt using AD Groups

Version 1

    This zip file contains: Python program, INI file, and a Word document discussing the program and its usage.


    Migrate away from ePO automatically created accounts in Domain\User format to just the user names used in your Active Directory. This program will assist your in identifying issues, communicating with users, and the maintaining ePO users accounts (Add, Deletes, & Changes).


    This is a version 1.0 effort and may need to be tuned for your environment. I have been running the original version against a production ePO server managing 325 ePO accounts for four months. The code posted has been updated to remove company specific data and move some hardcoded information out of the code and into the INI file so that you can more easily configure the functionality. This new iteration was executed against my test server successfully.


    I hope you find this useful.