ePO Maintenance Utility

Version 1

    Support for this product is obtained through the ePO Tool Exchange here on community.mcafee.com.  McAfee, Inc. does not support this product.  It is provided as-is to reduce administration overhead of the ePO SQL Server Express database, though it will work against a full version of SQL Server 2005/2008  This utility performs the simplest best-practice maintenance tasks that a competent DBA would perform.  The tool is intended to run from within ePO as a Registered Executable.


    Target Environment

    • ePO v4.6 & SQL Server installed on the same physical or virtual host.   It will not execute against a stand-alone SQL Server.
    • SQL Server 2005/2008(R2), Standard, Enterprise, or Express Editions.
    • .NET v3.5 Framework installed on the host in which ePO v4.6 & SQL Server are installed.



    • Backup of ePO Database (optional)
    • Automatic removal of expired backups
    • Checks integrity of database tables and indexes
    • Index Maintenance (optional) based on best practices: Fragmentation >5% and < 30% results in Reorg, >30% results in Rebuild.
    • Rebuild can be executed Online if the user chooses (Enterprise Edition only)
    • Full logging of all activity
    • Only allows one instance to run at a time
    • Runs under Windows Authentication
    • Status of the task is reported back into ePO and can be reported on with queries and dashboards


    Please use the appropriate executable for your SQL Server version (2005 or 2008), and follow the product guide for configuration help.


    Please address the community (and me!) for assistance