EEPC v7.0 Beta Program

Version 2

    Valued Customers


    McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC's (EEPC) version 7.0 will shortly start a Beta program and we will be calling for interested McAfee Staff and Customers to join the Beta Program. The EEPC 7.0 Beta is a closed Beta, and all participants must register in order to join.


    Some of the new and exiting features of EEPC v7.0 include support for:

    • Secure network connectivity in Pre-Boot allowing for direct communication from pre-boot to ePO. This is achieved by integrating with Intel AMT technology and ePO DeepCommand
    • Improved performance on Solid State Drives
    • Fail-safe activation options
    • Allowing activation without a network connection to McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)
    • Adding support for specific touch screen devices
    • Introduce biometric support for authentication at pre-boot
    • Preview of Windows 8 Support, including a UEFI Pre-boot


    All Customers are welcome to join the Beta and may test all of the new features in EEPC 7.0.


    For information about the Beta, how to join, and the expectations of Beta participants, please refer to the Beta FAQ link below.


    More information can be found here:

    Beta FAQ: EEPC v7.0 Beta FAQ

    AMT Integration - Remote Unlock: EEPC v7.0 Technology Preview - AMT Integration - Remote Unlock

    AMT Integration - Reset Password: EEPC v7.0 Technology Preview - AMT Integration - Reset Password


    As always, your valuable feedback is important to validate the deliverables in this release and to provide comments on how EEPC can be improved.


    Best regards



    Anthony Merry

    Senior Product Manager

    Endpoint Encryption for PC