Collect VSE performance data using ePO and McAfee Profiler (1.3)

Version 3

    McAfee Profiler ePO Package. Works great for collection performance information for optimizing VSE OAS performance and security


    Contains two packages. One for installing McAfee Profiler and one for running Profiler. Run profiler multiple times to check if the policy optimization has the expected effect.


    Documentation is included as PDF.


    (1.2) Now updated with better documentation and information. Still using McAfee Profiler version 1.1

    (1.3) Now updated to support Windows 8, 10 and Server 2012. Documentation has not been updated and still using McAfee Profiler version 1.1


    McAfee Profiler will only install if .NET Framework is installed.

    Windows 10 can install this feature from command line using this command: DISM.EXE /Online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:NetFx3~~~~

    It was not possible to get the Profiler install package to install the .NET Framework if it was missing.